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Rear Glass?

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I intend to get my truck painted and I want to replace the gasket on my rear slider. I called Safelite and Glass Doctor and I can't get past the idiot women who answer the phone.


Anyone know a source for the rear slider or gasket? Will a new slider come with the gasket attached?



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It's a sign of the times I suppose. Seems that being knowledgeable is no

longer a requirement for the person who answers a business phone.


I've had good success salvaging a rear seal from JY, working very slowly.

Once I got my spare, I've passed up a good number of others. I doubt

they're available new any more.

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my truck didnt have the rear slider when i bought it, i had safetylite or whatever their name is coming out to replace the front windshield so i told them to bring a sliding glass for the rear and they had it then. that was last year around this time.

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