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1989 project THE GENERAL

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well I'm new to the build thread idea but my girlfriend was tired of me just reading them and she asked why don't i just make my own so I'm goin to try and see how it goes...so stick with me here...but to start out ill give you the history ive been offroadin for a few years (I'm only 20 but been offroadin since bout 13) ive gone thru a few diffrent rigs in the short few yrs ive been able to drive...a 87 samurai, a 89 comanche, a 98 cherokee (still have it) ... a 78 cj5 and after these one has always stuck with me and that was the soilder (89 comanche) so ive been wanting it back so when i came across some more money i decided to try and buy the original comanche back...long story short went thruough about 5 people finally found the new owner and he didnt wanna sell...i had already had everything planned so i came on cc looked under classifieds and it was like a miracle the first post was one for sale in indiana (I'm in ohio but it was very close) so went looked at it and a couple days later took a truck n trailer n headed home with ... and now this build thread starts...sorry for the blah blah blah but givin yall a background keep tuned

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so first off i want to thank Garyindiane on here for sellin me the comanche and he was a great guy to talk to the 2 visits i had with him and so i don't take credit for his work here are his stats when he sold it to me

1989 Mj

4.0 5 Speed 4x4

Rusty's spring pack 4.5"

Homemade Bumpers/ Airtank front bumper


Black Rock 16x8 4.25" BS

Toyo open country A/T 265-75-16

he also has a build thread for it and it is called Project Garyindiane's 89MJ

here is a picture of what it is when i bought it


so for me starting off thats also what i have minus the GPS and CB...and it will be slow at times because i am trying to build THE GENERAL (the nickname) and my other jeep (cherokee aka Night Rider)


and building aint the problem but garage time and space is... I'm full of ideas just like everyone else here is! and i have to many ideas for each one but when it comes down to it i can't decide what to build them for...so u guys tell me...build comanche for dd or wheeler or build cherokee for dd or wheeler...cause right now I'm buildin them both to be wheelers ! so let me know what you guys think!

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so unless the stars line up right and i win the lottery my plans for the general are

get rid of vacum for front axle

d44 rear welded

bob and dove tail ...or truggy bed

dove nose

cab exo cage

suspension is still in question long arm cherokee or comanche???

4 link rear cherokee or comanche???

and then various other things but thats off of top of head and we all know they always change esspecially with your guys imput so let me know what you think!


for now here are a few pictures of a couple things ive made and how i supplement my addiction


rock rails...


and my joke of a company (its just to feed addiction and for fun)

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now no wild changes have been made but I'm getting there can't rush it...right now I'm trying to tidy it up so new paint well in the process of so ignore the lines it aint done yet but you get the idea...it is herculiner bottom with rustoleum aluminum top (i like the 2 tone on mj's for some reason)




oh yea and guess what i got comin here soon! tradin the steel wheels and tires for...



yup you got it jk rubicon wheels (adapters included) i wish they were the tj wheels however they will still look great... oh yea and i get all 5! ha...but i know these aint the strongest wheels but thats what i like my cherokee and comanche because i can swap them so for wheelin in comanche and cherokee i got a set or 33x13.50x15 swamper LTB'S on a 15x10 steel wheel and i tell you what by far my most favorite off road tire they do great but I'm definatly excited for how the rubicon wheels will look on the comanche...thats why i went with a 2 tone and silver on top i think it will look classy haha!

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nice jeeps :wrench: I had a set of 33x13.5 ltbs on my mj. i have to agree they do awesome offroad jamminz.gif


yes ive ran boggers tsl's bfg krawlers dayton timberline mts bfg km1's and the ltbs are by far my favorite they do great on rocks trail mud everything rele...now on the street..thats a diffrent story..but wait who needs roads to get around?!

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quick update got the rubi wheels today and the rubbers are hankook dynapro mt's (except for the spare it is a KM1) tread is good on them wheels are great no scratches or nothin and came with all 4 adapters/spacers...also got paint and herculiner almost all done with the help of the girlfriend we knocked it out pretty quick and it surely made a vast improvement on looks...to bad suspension lockers and axles and as cheap and easy as a rattle can paint job with a little roll on bed liner..but here is a picture only one for now because it was late and not great picture but i will get more tomaro


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here are some pictures of my cherokee to give yall somethin to look at!




not bad for short arm front and leaf sprung rear



me and my close friends "group" not a club just close group of guys



workin hard or hardly workin



this thing could not flex for $#!+ but with welded front n rear twin stick teralow gears n 4.88's in the axles it could crawl ANYTHING

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Curious - did you get the long bed on purpose? With plans to bob it? I couldn't bear the thought of cuttin on my long-bed - and am planning on getting a short bed for wheelin. Just curious....looks like a fun project.


no not nessecarily on poupose but it was closest one to me with what i liked so i went with it plus for the time being having the longbed will be nice...but i still am not sure if I'm goin to bob/dovetail it or just do a truggy rear...but i guess to really answer ur question yes i would rather bob a long bed just to say i did it...sorry that answer is clear as mud but there were a few factors that played a roll on what i got haha

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