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89 model MJ

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I will be having the windshield replaced next week after a tree fell on it. It also bent the chrome trim. Can I take the trim and retainers off and just use the rubber trim like my 95 Cherokee has? If so do I get one for up a 94 or 95 model? Thanks. new to this site and looking forward to browsing thru some tips and tricks.

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if possible can you ask for the windshield gasket manufacturer? I need to replace mine before it really kills my floor boards,thank u.

The gasket is only trim. Either way, the glass is sealed to the windshield frame with a heavy bead of sealant. It used to be a Butyl based sealant, but I believe now they use a type of polyurethane.

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I popped the glass out myself so I could cut off the trim studs & prep/treat any rust.


Getting the glass out was a pain,

and there wasn't any real rust to worry about.


thats cool but the trim studs don't interfere with the rubber at all, i thought the same thing and my glass man said to leave them alone... no rust, no trim, no leakies...... :thumbsup:

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