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Speaker location question.

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Hi Guys,


I would like to have your opinion regarding the speaker installation in the back of my MJ.


Has any one done this speaker modification?


http://carphotos.cardomain.com/ride_ima ... _large.jpg


I think it would be better to have them thera than down on the OEM 4X6 location, but would some one recomend it?


And if you have done it, what were the dimensions from the speakers you installed, because I imagine that there is not much space for a big magnet there.


Would you have pictures of the installation process?


Thanks :hmm:

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Thanks for your suggestions but the stock location of the back speakers is covered by my subwoofer box so I can not place them there, i noticed that there is a speaker bar that comes on the Xj wich has 6.5" speakers attached to the roof, i will try to fit one of those to the back roof of my mj and see how it sounds.




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here is an :idea: you can get a sound bar from a xj and put it in its place if you want speakers over your head and they would come close to a factory look. i do like music and i also like to hear things around me as well. so would have to :agree: with the others guys good luck and :cheers:

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