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89 AX15 swap into 88 4.0

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ok so I'm attempting to mate an 89 ax15 to an 88 4.0 that used to be backed by a Pukegoat. I know that i'll need to get the bushing/bearing from a 73 cj5 with a 304 v8, but what else should i need that didn't come in the transmission to begin with?? I'm hoping that since the parts are only one year different, then not much, if anything changed, and its just a matter of bolting part A to part B, and tying up the loose ends. I have the correct np231 that came with the ax15, so no issue with spline counts, and i have the correct length driveshafts. I've read over countless threads, and i've while i've picked up some stuff, i think alot of it just confused me more...


edit: will i need a new pedal assembly for the clutch??

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Correct, the CJ bushing is only for putting a 92+ AX-15 behind an 87-91 4.0. You won't need it.


You will need the AX-15 trans crossmember and trans mount.


If it's 4wd, you'll need the AX-15 4wd shift linkages.


Your current clutch master cylinder and pedals will work. Those weren't changed.

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sorta. I think it's halfway through 94. or maybe it was 95. my memory sucks and the cutoff is less clean than you might think (like most of the changes in our Jeeps).



also, I adapted my 99 external slave line to my original 88 master using a pressure fitting from the hardware store.

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