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well name NIck from new ross nova scotia and this is my junk....


1989 jeep comanche, 6" lift,rough country long arms , spring over in the rear, dana 30 , dana 35 with lock rite, 4:11 gears,35/14.5/15 boggers < hmmm i wounder what will break first!! >


so the story agot from the guy who I bought it from, had done a complete swap on all running gear except the rear axel.. 4.0 HO from a 95 XJ auto tranny and t-case from a 95 XJ, LP dana 30 front from a 99 TJ... complete dash from a 95 XJ and insides


it has its few minor issues like no stereo and the box sides need a bit of work but floor was all re-done fram is near mint


I'm just glad i was able to get it as i wanted a comacnhe now for some time ......and tryin to find one around here in NS that isnt rotted to the groud is hard there is only 2 other mjs for sale in ns well on kijiji anyway lol.....


Image Not Found



MMMMMMMMMMMM long arms ... and what a ride no sway bars and there is allmost no body roll amazing what a diffreance between short and long arms is!!!!



the axel eaters < if they were new > i think they r spent lol :P





future mods will be dana 44 front and a ford 9" rear and lockers of course gotta have them... possibly a flat deck on the back...... full cage.... alittle more hight..... 36" iroxs...... on board air and maybe a doubler ..... but if she ever turns into woods only I'm thinkin a 2 link in the rear with coils can u say crazy mad flex lol..... but these are just dreams ill wheel it like this for awhile to i can save some cash and start picking away at these dreams lol



happy trails!!


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Man, with that description, your plans are making it ever closer to making my trucks sibling. I have the d44 9 inch combo, w/ the 36 iroks and lockers. :cheers: It's a great set up, it just takes a little work... :wrench:


Your truck is looking pretty mean as is, though. Do you have any pics of the interior?

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the recycle sticker is off now as well as all the nsjc stickers.....


but yeah figured a 44 and 9" would work decent under it with some good gearing was thinkin 4:56's as i dd this everyday still....and i can get my hands on a 44 and a 9" combo for 300 bucks wich is an amazing price for around here


ill try an snap a couple of the intereior.. its looks nicer out side then it does inside lol thought about gettin some zj leather seats they r so comphy on the trail lol... i just sold my 98 zj limited with the 318 and miss them seats



gotta pick up a set of tires tomorow guna try out the km2's but goin down to a 33" for the time bein while i still have these baby axels in it ... id imagin ill blow that d35 up with 35's the guy who owened it befor me didnt wheel it much i don't think or the type of wheelin i do... he likes mud i like rocks and rocks arnt as forgivin as mud lol

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i ran 37's with the d35 on my tj for a lot of years never broke it on the trail including the Rubicon. i always broke it on the pavement. usually when i jumped in the jeep after work and the radio was playing something like acdc back in black. the d35 doesn't like a 4000 rpm clutch dump with the 37's in the parking lot of work. just go for the 35's they looks so much better under the mj. the 35'' km2's are a lot narrower than the tires you are running. even though they say 12.5'' wide mounted on a 8'' rim the tread only measures 9'' wide. i am running a set right now, love the tires but not happy about the size. the 35 x 12.5-15 size km2's measure 34 x 9 on a 15 x 8 rim. and as of 3 weeks ago when i bought mine mtr's and km2's were on national back order.

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a d35 with any size tire don't like gettin the clutch dumped at 4000rpms hahahaha..... but yah iv seen people wheel a d35 with 35" crawlers and never had a issue but they were on alot of stock friendlty stuff.... these boggers r way to wide 14.5 it says but even with the tj flares in the front they stick out about 4"s and the DOT don't like any tire showin in this area lol.....


i heard good and bad things about the km2's and figured the only way to know is if i acctually try them..... thye r goinj on a 10" wide rim tho

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i got my bfg km2's august 23 from americas tire here in so california. the internet sites national tire, and tire rack said that they were not available and the sales rep at americas tire showed me the screen showing that they were on back order. my set came from a store in washington and i had to wait 2 days for them. so either since then bfg has started making more or you are a very lucky shop to have 40 35'' km2's.


my friend has them on 10'' rims and they look wider than the 9'' mine are.

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well got the KM2's on today... big diffreance in road manners and power the boggers were just to wide


out with the old


Image Not Found


in with the new


Image Not Found

Image Not Found



think my fender flares r a lttle to big now lol gunna have to find some XJ ones to replace the tj's


Image Not Found

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well had the manche out for its first real burn in the woods ... on this wonderfull rainy weekend in nova scotia .... the rain made for the very hard trails to be even harder and lead to lots of carnage to allmost ever rig that was with


3 tie-rods ,1 axel, 1 gas line ,1 upper control arm, 1 blown out tire ,front drive shaft ... ,pinion bearing ,and 2 mufflers this was between the whole group of 6 and the big chev got left in the woods for the night


about 10 hours later we made it out of the woods lol


here is a vid my buddy made




here r some pics my buddy took


The start:



Off we go, International first:








The only Heavy Chevy in the group and it did very good with open diffs:






The rock garden on Clearcut:







Clearcut Hill:





I'm the king of the castle, your the dirty rascal: ;D



Alex hungup on a stump:



Wildcard Trail:







Nathan with his broken tie rod on Wildcard:



Chris and Nick assessing the rest of the trail. Chris saying it will only take a half an hr to complete. (Ya Right, he was wrong)



Its official, were com pleating the trail so lets go:



Darren checking to see if I'm OK, I'm still moving:





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so after the run in new cumberland i wrapped the back bumper around my tail light into my box side so i figured id do a little trimming


lots off rott and dough on the box sides just another day in nova sctotia lol ... but this quick fix will get me by till i find another box ...


was thinkin a step side ranger box would look kinda cool and be diffrent from what i was reading they will fit the MJ's cause a rust free mj box up here will run u close to $1000


this is one side befor cutting

Image Not Found


and after i cut the wheel wells and back side of box don't look to bad need to make a brace to keep the box side from flappin in the wind tho


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