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I am pretty sure I will be buying a 90 Eliminator this next week. I was wondering what the common problems are if any and about any perfomance options. (i know it won't be a dragster just looking for a few more ponies)


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First off, Being from the north I know as well as you that the MJ you are looking into is a prime candidate for rust. The floor usually rusts out in MJ's and XJ's so thats where I would start. The drivers side is usually the worst side and it starts off rusting out right below the drivers feet, just poke it from below and listen for some crunching.


The next thing that usually worries people is that mileage is an issue with a Jeep they are looking to buy. In the case of the 4.0L motor you shouldnt worry or second guess the motor if it is over 100,000 miles already. A friend of mine has an XJ that just turned 316,000 on the 4.0 and its still moving as it did in the past with a little lost power. The 4.0L is wicked perfect. I would assume that you either have a manual AX-15 or automatic AW4 bolted to it if it is a 4.0 and both trannies are decently solid. 231 T-case is common and it is great as well.


I don't know much about 2.5L engines. Both my father and brother have one in their wranglers and they seem to chug along just fine but lack the power and low end torque of the 4.0L.


As far as options for the Eliminator package I am not completely sure of either but I do not beleive it involved any performance parts...BUT I am not sure.


Someone else will pick up where I left off but in my opinion if it is a solid truck with a 4.0L you can never go wrong... good luck

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