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  1. Truck and roll bar sold. Liberty rims available $100 for the set obo. I’ll try and get pics up soon.
  2. Additional pictures others have requested.
  3. Hate to get rid of my project/yard hauler (not a beauty queen), but I must. Needs work, drivers side floor rusted, runs and drives but accelerates slow. I bought it when I lived in Arkansas. I have the turbine rims and a set of Liberty rims as well to go with. I had the roll bar powder coated and never put it back on. Currently only use it to haul yard waste about 10 miles each way. I would trailer home if you are not local. Needs a good home, I’m near Madison Wisconsin. Let me know if you need any other info.
  4. My truck started acting up a week ago. It started sucking gas real bad and idles rough. Now it's sitting in the garage. I finally got it started again. About every 2-3 seconds it injects a big blast of gas causing the rough idle. It does this at idle and under any throttle position. I tried to drive it around the block to see if I could "clean" it out. The brakes and clutch went to the floor so I shortened the drive. Any ideas on the cause of the over injection or other problems? Thanks
  5. Think I fixed it, my clutch line was catching on a grease zerk on the drive shaft. Guess I'll find out after I replace the power steering system and can drive it again.
  6. Today while driving to lunch my clutch pedal started surging. It did not affect the clutch or drivability at all, just the pedal. Seemed to happen only above 35mph. Any ideas?
  7. I am wanting another Comanche, I really want a 4.0 but have located a couple with the 2.8 instead. Should I even check them out or is it a total waste? Thanks!
  8. steel, don't know if he is still here. he is from madison ref: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18013
  9. The parts comanche was mine, sold it last year when I moved to AR.
  10. CPC I love that stuff we used it all the time in the Marines. (CPC = Corrosion Preventive Compound)
  11. damn went to look and buy it today and he sold it yesterday! :mad:
  12. I live in Lake Mills, close to Madison. Sorry I left out that its a 4.0 auto 4x4.
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