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yep.....another track bar question

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hi guys,


on my 92, where the track bar bolts to the axle, (yes that hard to get part...of course), well the bolt is starting to oval out.

the track bar bushing is good, its where the bolt goes through.

i was thinking about just getting some thick washers and weld them on there, but I'm also thinking

theres a way to just re-fab the whole thing.


anyone ever done anything like this or have any other ideas??


Thanks Guys, :thumbsup:



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My buddy repaired the axle end trackbar bracket by welding plate to the FRONT of the bracket only. It cured his DW 2 years ago. He said if the DW come back from the bracket, he will cut it off and weld a new unit in place.


1. Jeep got death wobble. Upon inspection it was noted the axle end trackbar bracket bolt hole was 'ovaled' out.


2. Drilled stock axle end trackbar bolt hole in plate steel. Welded this piece to the front part of the axle end trackbar bracket.


3. No more death wobble.


4. If the death wobble returns due to the axle end trackbar bracket becoming 'ovaled' out again, the entire bracket will be removed, reinforced, and reinstalled



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I also welded a washer, to the front only. But my friend works in a VW dealership and at the time VW was issuing some kind of retrofit kit that included some 10mm bolts and VERY thick, oversized washers. Apparently not all the cars needed the bolts and washers, and my friend had a bag full of them. So we grabbed one of the washers and welded it in place. I'm fairly certain it was hardened as well as being extra thick and extra large diameter.

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