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E3 spark plugs?

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Has anyone used them before? About time to do plugs and wires and I see commercials for them all the time and ads at autozone, but I don't know anyone who uses them. Theyre not outrageously overpriced, just tryin to see if anyone has had any actual luck with them.

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The E3 plug is just another gimmick, spark plugs are best defined by their heat range and electrode material. Standard Champion Copper plugs are well suited for your Jeep but the Champion Double Platinum or Irinium plugs will give you better performance and longer life, Platinum and Irinium are the best electrode materials regardless of brand, they require less voltage and wear much longer, cost is the only downside. Do some shopping on E-bay and you might find some priced way down.

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i was running the double platinums and read all the stuff about copper being the best for our engines.

i went and bought the regular copper plugs and installed them and honestly i couldnt tell a difference

between the two.this was almost a year ago i havent looked at the coppers since then so i can't attest to their longevity

i had a little missing problem once and changed out my cps and it went away.

i'm staying with the coppers from now on, since i couldnt tell any difference.

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