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Dana 35, Chrysler 8.25 swap

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Tried search and gave up in frustration. I have a 1995XJ with bad D35. Surprise surprise. I have a 2001 Zj with Dana 35 and ABS. I have a 1994XJ with Chrysler 8.25. All 4wd. Which will make the best swap, the '01 and ignore the ABS? Or the Chrysler? Is the Chrysler snout the same length or have to swap drive shafts also? The two donors are in the yrd. The recipient is 50 miles away or I would just pull everything and compare.

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When I did my 4wd swap I used the original leaf springs, kept my Dana 35, and had a driveshaft made up. Since then, I changed to MT leaf springs making my driveshaft a bit too short. Fast forward a few years when I swapped in my 8.25 and the driveshaft was just right! I want to say that going from the 35 to the 8.25, you'll loose about an inch in driveshaft length.


I'd go with the 8.25 out of the '94 XJ.

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Jim, I'm actually in the process of doing the 8.25 swap in place of a moaning D35 on the SWB 87. I have ground off the old perch and shock mount, and I am going to mount it up this weekend and weld the new perches on.


I have measured as best I can and it appears the drive shaft will not need to be shortened, but I won't know until I get the axle up in there and rotate it inot the correct angle.

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