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FSJ Golden Eagle?

Comanche County

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:bowdown: Every MSJ needs an FSJ counter part jamminz.gif I ended up with an FSJ project myself ;)


82' AMC/jeep Honcho shortbed stepside with good body bad frame, being that i have to build my own chassie it's going to become a Jeep equivalent of a Ford-550/Ram5500 i calling a J-5500 :thumbsup:


Don't worry i'm stayin short wheel based 6' cab to frame end, just going to be sitting on D70/D80 axles and six 225/70R19.5 MT's :yes: with polished wheels of course 10lug axles :eek: commercail grade DRW J-truck shortbed actually bed less with 5th wheel n goose neck hitches :wrench:



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