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91 wrangler front axle?

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Thanks for the info guys. I'm searching my buns off looking for a hp dana 30 that will bolt into the front of this thing. I keep thinking i saw a chart somwhere showing types of axles in types of jeeps? am i crazy or does anyone have any memory of this aswell. If something does exist like that i would love to check it out so i don't have to ask everytime i see something on craigslist. Seems like most people listing stuff on there leave out a lot of specifics.

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XJs were all coil sprung HP till the last year or so when they went LP.

ZJs&TJs were all LP coil spring

And YJs were all HP leaf spring w/ axle discons.


Easy to remember, AMC introduced Jeeps (XJ&YJ) = HP

Chrysler introduced Jeeps (ZJ,TJ&WJ) = LP

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