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Electrical Gremlins

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Been reassembling the Family Truck and have run into some electrical issues.


The horn, parking lights, hvac controls and clock have no power.


It starts, the headlights and brake lights work.


Any ideas where to start?


Obviously, I'll check fuses, but is there any known issue that could effect all of these things at once?



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You might check out your fusible links also, located at the starter relay. I shorted out something last month and discovered that there is 3 or more power wires coming into the fuse block and powering "bridges" (a better word escapes me) that power multiable items. I wound up blowing one of the links and it was not visible.

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All good info.


When I get a chance to look at it again, I'll be sure to check all recomendations. It's probably a ground.


I've had the thing torn apart, so I probably messed up a ground wire or something.


Got a picture of that ground under the dash you describe?


It is a manual tranny now, but it was an automatic until this year. If you're curious, check "The Family Truck" build thread in the MJ Projects forum...


Probably be next week before I mess with it again.


Thanks again to all.

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OK, So, I figured out the issue...


The parking lights and dash lights were simply the fuse.


Everything else (except the turn signals) is the ignition switch.

The blower, lighter, radio and horn all work if I screw with the key switch.


So, looks like I have to take the column apart again. :headpop:

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Cool, didn't have to take the column apart as suggested above. The switch for those of you who don't know is mounted to the top of the column back towards the firewall. Just had to take the 2 nuts out of the mounting bracket to lower the column. Then had access to the switch.


2 small bolts and done.


Now everything works except the turn signals.


Glad I looked over the old column before diving in.


For 11 bucks, I just bought a new one instead of putting the one from the old column back in. Didn't want to take the chance that it would stop working next week.


On to the next item on the Looooonnnnggg list.

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