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What should I pull from my 2k XJ donor?

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Wrecked in the front. No motor or trans.



-Door panels

-Door seals

-Dash and everything




-Complete steering column

-Shifter/tcase selector


-All wiring

-Windshield moulding


Am I missing anything?

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I'm pulling everything I can for the updated interior etc for my MJ. I have to have the donor gone long before the 97+ conversion ever starts on the MJ as I'm DDing the MJ. That's why I'm blitzkrieging the XJ. I'm cutting the drivers side firewall out for the conversion.

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In that case, pull/trace the passenger side kick panel for fuse box location and antenna hole. Don't forget the door strikers, weather strip, seat belts, overhead lighting and 4wd linkage. Exhaust past the cat should be saved too especially since it is an 00.


Take tons of pictures and lable everything as to what it is and where it goes. You WILL be pulling your hair out when it goes together.

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