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  1. Dude, I'm so stoked you like it! I'm glad you're plugging along with the diesel idea I implanted ;) You are building it exactly as I was planning to. Wish I would have kept it now, but with my new job taking all my time at the moment, I needed something a bit less time consuming. Keep me posted brother! Joe
  2. Guys, all of my cars are down and I'm needing to get something newer and more reliable as a daily as all my cars are projects. Here's the link to my craigslist ad. I'd prefer to let it go to a CC member. Actually, I'd prefer not to let it go, but I'm really frustrated at the moment. It runs and drives, but after the headgasket job, it's still running a little rough and I am too frustrated to want to deal with it. You can contact me directly at turboxr@gmail.com http://fayar.craigslist.org/cto/2777679814.html Thanks guys.
  3. I just finished my head gasket job and I bought a new fan from a 95 XJ. I installed the fan and checked the ground wire from the fan relay and I have power to the fan relay when the truck is running but the fan won't kick on. I'm wondering how long it usually takes at idle for the fan to kick in? I let it idle for 30min and it never kicked in. I'm leaning towards the fan relay, but is there anything else that could be not allowing it to kick on?
  4. I want that Monty!! More pics of the Monty!
  5. Valve stem seals were not replaced. Smoke is white. I'll drop the exhaust tomorrow morning and check. There's no oil in the intake.
  6. This is just great. Had a couple cylinders down on compression. Pulled the head, had it checked. It was warped to kingdom come. They pressure tested it as well. All good. Milled and clean bill of health for the head. Installed head gasket and head and fired it up and it's running much better than before when it was trying to compress coolant, but it's still smoking like Barack Obama. Smoke doesn't smell too sweet. Not sure what could be wrong. I did break the valve cover breather when taking it out. It was very brittle. So I mocked up a hose direct for the time being. Is there a pcv valve in that breather elbow? I'm not sure what it could be. Any thoughts?
  7. turboxr


    i want that camper shell!
  8. Thanks so much for posting all of this. I'm doing the same swap. Except I will be doing it with 97+ interior and wiring.
  9. Want to trade my aw4 setup for your ax15 setup? Straight trade?
  10. This thing is retarded clean. :bowdown:
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