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I did not have time to list those when I posted the pictures. I was just excited that I figured out how to post pictures.


I have had this MJ since June of 05. I have wanted one for years and finally found this one. It is a 4X4 4.0 Auto SWB. When I found it, it was located north of Detroit Mi. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. So I loaded up the wife, kids, dog and trailer and went to Detroit and bought it. Hey at the time it was the only one that I could find that had everything I wanted.


Any way since I bought it, I have installed a motor out of an 2000 XJ, front trac bar and new front tires. I drove it like that for a year and I ran across and XJ that was built that I got for a good price. I ended up buying the XJ and junking it for the parts. So here is what my MJ will have when finished.


Dana 30 front with an ARB with the super 30 kit with the chromally axles

and 4.10 gears

Dana 44 with rear disc brakes and a detroit locker

Sky Jacker 6 lift in front, SOA in rear with new springs

33 X 12.50" BFG Mud Terrains

Out of the XJ I have but not sure I am going to need is the slip yoke elimator with a tom woods rear drive shaft. I also have everything out of the XJ to convert my MJ to bucket seats with floor shift and Tilt steering column.


I am also going to have onboard air. I am also going to built a front winch bumper and a new rear bumper. Hopefully by summer it will be finished and I can get it out and wheel it. Well thats about it, I will post more pictures as I get thru the project.

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Nice MJ! I live up near Middletown. I also share your longtime love of MJ's. I finally got one near St. Louis here about a month ago. It's getting built as well. :D


Check out http://www.tkotrailriders.com It's a local club in Cincy. Great bunch of guys. We need to do some trailrides this summer. Two MJ's on the trail would be awesome!

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Hey I know a few guys from that club. I have known Jerry B and Brain W for a while. I agree we will definalty have to get together and ride this year. It would be really cool to ride with another MJ. I will get the pics of the bumper tonight and email them to you or better yet I work in Tri County and can bring it to work with me if you ever get down around this way.


89MJay, what are you doing to yours? What are the specs of yours?



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I don't get down to too many meetings. They are at Toot's. I'm going to try and get down there this month though. Watson is great guy. All those guys are fun to be around.


My MJ is being built around a set of 35" Krawlers....




It's getting a long arm, cage, lockers, blah blah blah.... Should be done around March or April.


I don't get down to Cincy too often other than to an occasional meeting. Just email me some pics of the bumper we'll go from there. We definately need to do some trails this year.

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They are actually buckets out of a TJ that was in the XJ. I am not going to install those for a while though, I still need the bench for my two daughters. I going to install the Tilt steering with the floor shifter though.

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