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Off roading


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Here are some pics and videos of the past few days offroading. The first few pics are of me trail riding and doing some flexing on a dirt hill and on the side of the tail. The dirt hill was to soft to do to much flexing but not bad.



Going to the tail and flex on the side of it:


This is some after math of mudding that night before me and a few friends went to camp, P.S. sorry for the crap video:





This is the next day dropping off a friend and testing out the look of my "new" rims at his house:




I thought this picture was cool it was after it had rained a bit.



And so After I dropped him off we went back out to the tail/mudding area and found a hill. It looked like a bunch of 4wheelers had gone up and down it so since I'm in a Jeep I thought I should try it... So after going up and down the hill a few times it seems like I had loosened up the dirt a bit to much and...


Well since I was breaking the # 1 rule of wheeling, not going with some one else... I had to wait for another friend of mine to come out and rescue. It took about 30 min before he got there so i took a few pics but not many.



Sadly every body was to busy while I was getting pulled off the hill and keeping me from flipping on my side to take any pics. But right after I got the hill I gave him a hand shake I was off again . We took a few pics but the guy I had with me hates to take pics or videos and I was NOT going to let him drive my truck while I was out of it. So here are the few pics he took and the small video:





So now that I'm home ive got to wash the truck :( but tonight it rained and did some of that for me :rotfl2:


So now I get to sit down relax and begain planning for the next time comanche.gif

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Oh come on, I've taken my stock 02 Ford Escape (3.0 AWD) up and down roads and embankments waaaay worse than that and survived with just Uniroyal all-season tires... which are nowhere near as aggressive Pirelli Scorpions.


Thanks for the pics; glad you had fun. Enjoy cleaning up the mud on the underside :thumbsup: ... I wouldn't.

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