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89 Manche Madness

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So here I begin with what will surely be a long term project of mine, so why not share it!

Though I'm no beginner when it comes to jeeps, this is my first MJ. Ive always wanted one troughout my numerous xj's and yj etc. But here in Upstate NY an MJ worth working is one hard to find truck. So with the sale of my 4th and latest mustang i had some cash in my pocket, hmmm, do i lift my 99 xj? (also my fourth and latest) Well ill look on ebay...

So what do i find?

A rust free 1989 pioneer, swb, 4.0l, ax15, 5speed, 4x4, SOA, Front 4" lift, trackbar, accessories etc. Little body damage to the pass side box but RUNS, DRIVES, STOPS,

Locatd in maryland about 5hrs from me.

I figured i didnt want to let this go, so with no way to go get it i called and asked for a buy it now price.


I said ill send the money this second!

So i put a new hitch on my xj which was needed anyhow, and reserved a dolly from u haul. and a week later went to maryland. It took me 4.5 hrs to get there, and 10 long very stressful hours to get back. As you all know an xj isnt the best towing option, can't stop something that weighs more then itself very well either!


but Shes Home!




I have big plans for this one and I'm sure they will change a thousand time throughout the build.


--It already has

SOA rear

big adjustable trackbar and drop bracket

Looks like rubicon express 4" lift coils and lower CA

Braided Rubicon Ex lines front and rear

8.25 rear

D30 front


4.0L 142,000 miles on whole truck


--So Far I

ordered flowmaster 10 series, the cat is shot so I'm gonna take it out and run it stright to the 10 series.

ordered bilstein 5100 rear shocks 5-7" lift.


--Plans Include

Rock krawler long arms

Rock Krawler 6.5" coils

bilstein reservoir front shocks

JKS quick discos

all poly bushings

1" boomerang shackles or revolvers

new leaf packs



Aftermarket front shafts

Aussie locker, or two

97+ front end and doors

97+ interior

4.56 gears


Lots more that i can't think of now


--Far future plans

4.7L stroker

nv4500 or whatever one

dana 44's


tube bed


10"s of lift






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Yes i was suprised to find that there isnt really a straight up HOW TO, so maybe ill have to do the write up :wrench:

Once i find my donor that is.


Funny thing is my DD 99 xj would be the perfect donor!

but I'm not tearing her up till she deserves it, plus the front clip isnt in perfect condition.



--Some of the things i forgot to write on the "to do" list

front winch bumper (not sure which one yet)

XRC10 with synthetic line

Rear high clearance bumper

Mount a second winch in spare tire area

Aftermarket dual sliding glass rear window

rhinoline inside of bed (until a new box or tube bed is available.)

high steer, big tie rods etc.

arb, or similar, diff covers

go ballistic fender flares from motion

rock sliders

MT classic locks (polished) with red beadlock rings

general grabbers or maybe GY MTR's (i would like Krawler KX's)

and of course, Lots more...

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Haha! So you were the one that picked up that Comanche. I was watching that one on Ebay (since I only live a few hours away from it), and if it had been a low enough price, I would have gotten it (instead, I drove about 12 hours out of my way for one that was built to be a crawler). I was wondering who got it, it seemed like it had all the right stuff to start with, and was in fairly good condition. I look forward to seeing what you do with it, so good luck on the build!

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Cool i was wondering if anyone on here saw it on ebay before i got it, it is a very good start to what i wanna do with it, and darn solid too.

Very soon here I'm gonna order the long arms, coils, discos, front shocks, etc. now that i have the rear pretty much where i want it, then the wheels and tires.

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