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1989 jeep comanche proportioning valve help

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hows everyone one doing when i got this jeep it didnt have rear brakes i re ran the front lines the best i could now i have the rear to do i know what line is the rear output but where does it run too and what is the other rear line and where does that run too thanks

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Hint: Having to decipher a persons post makes others less willing to help.


If you can't decipher that, you need to take an inet class. He's asking how to run brake lines and how to run them with the proportioning valve. :thumbsup:

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This post should answer some of your questions. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4259&start=0


Plug the specified line at the front valve , disconnect both lines at the load sensing valve (rear) to eliminate it.


Find out which line now has pressure to it, then plumb your brake line from the axle to it.


This will eliminate a lot of problems and is easy to do.


BTW what's an inet class? And what does it have to do with run on sentences and poor grammar?

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sorry had a friend post this for me while i was at work apparently it did not work out... i ran the front brake lines in the jeep and now i have the rear brakes to do my question is on the proportioning valve how do you run the bypass line?

I eliminate it, and I remove the rear proportioning valve. The one in my '88 MJ exploded when I made a panic stop. That one obviously had to go, but they are all about the same age, and you can't buy replacements. If that one blew up, I expect all of them to act the same. I prefer to have brakes when I need them.


There are several threads on this site explaining exactly how to eliminate the proportioning valve ... safeely.

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