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turn signals are Solid

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i have yet to explore this in a comanche but i would say its as simple as a flasher. The flasher usually kills the power to the lights as they heat up and sometimes redirects the power depending on the flasher and truck. It gets hot and kills power, when it cools it completes the conection and lights up again. If it is stuck on it will light up solid. Not sure if this applies to the jeeps but old school flashers work like this. Do you hear any clicking when you apply the signals? Is your indicator light solid as well? The clicking is the relay snaping forward and back. If you do hear the clicking and it is still solid then they probably have some sort of brake switch interupt which gets a little bit more tricky. Hope this helps

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You have a turn signal flasher and a 4 way flasher, just swap them for a quick and easy diagnosis. That is assuming your 4 ways work. My boss's MJ did this and it was the flasher. When you go to get a new flasher, get a heavy duty one made for towing. That type doesnt rely on the heat up shut off method to flash... if it did when you add a trailer, it would change the speed the lights flash. The heavy duty one use a different method and flash the same speed all the time, that is likely the type that is in the 4 way side already! Good luck.

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Mine won't blink in the front when my lights are on :dunno:

Bad ground, or bad sockets. Replace the sockets. The chain auto parts places have a replacement socket on the HELP! pegboard that fits perfectly, although the application it's listed for is a Ford. Take an old socket with you to match it up.

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