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The "school me on Renix alternators" thread.

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Looks like there are two case sizes for replacement renix alternators:

130mm (5 1/8 in.) Diameter Case

121mm (4 3/4 in.) Diameter Case



Small case alts seem to be the 61a versions,

large case either 85a, or 100a.



were both sizes original equipment on Renix 4.0L's?

is there a specific mount bracket for the 130mm vs 121mm, or will either alternator fit either mount?



Simple questions, I know,

but the last time I bought a new Renix alternator, they were an on the shelf item for a 5-6 year old vehicle.


Now they are special order parts for 20 year old dinosaurs,

and I don't want to order the wrong one. :doh:

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The small case alternator is for non A/C trucks not equipped with HD cooling. The large case alternator is for all others. The larger alternator is a direct bolt-in replacement for the non A/C (non HD cooling) alternator though I did have to pry the U bracket open just a bit wider (1/4" or so) to fit it in.

As a bonus the bigger case/higher output alternators are cheaper than the small case ones :clapping:

Not only was it an upgrade but it was cheaper. How cool is that :)

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Thanks guys!


Keep the info coming if anyone has anything else to add.


I'll order the bigger one, and figure I may have to tweak the mount a bit,

I'm just hoping they still come with the pulley.

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I don't know anything about the difference in alt. sizes, but when I replaced mine on my non-ac non-e-fan truck I got the 110 (I think, the highest one available) amp and it fit in no problem

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