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91 Big Ton Long Bed - Rev B

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"Rev -" was when I bought it new + the subsequent lift and improvements before 1999

"Rev A" was my 1999 freshen up with silver paint, Callen camper shell, blade style steel wheels & mud terrains, see current profile picture.

"Rev B" is my 2011 freshen up now with 162000 miles

    [*:j9vsyypp] Hanson back bumper (Line-X'd)
    [*:j9vsyypp] JCR pre-runner front bumper
    [*:j9vsyypp] Bushwacker cutout flares
    [*:j9vsyypp] Other Line-X; around rear window, lower quarter panel, renew of 20 yr old Rhino lining
    [*:j9vsyypp] new paint color (MAACO - I do not recommend them)
    [*:j9vsyypp] new 16" Blackrock soft 8 rims & Gorilla spline nuts
    [*:j9vsyypp] new 265-75/R16 Hankook All Terrains
    [*:j9vsyypp] new rear window
    [*:j9vsyypp] new California Cat
    [*:j9vsyypp] new radiator & hoses, thermostat, heater hoses, tuneup etc.








Heading into the spring & suspension next, new bushing, shocks and anything worn out.

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What are you doing about the rear license plate? Great looking truck. Clear or smoked turn signals would look good.


Thanks for all the compliments!


Right now till I get the camper shell rebuilt it sits in my rear window behind passenger head rest. Probably not legal... then I'll mount it on the camper door with a lighted frame.


Smoke would have been good with the new paint but didn't think about it. I bought a new grill, both bezels, turn signal lenses and the parking lights lenses as part of its refresh in the front. Neither "Made in Taiwan" bezel would fit so I just threw them away and just painted the old ( :wavey: :wavey: $50)


Pat O

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