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lift kit opinion


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I've been looking at Rocky Road SPOA lift too (just the rear SPOA part). Looks like for the D35 it fits pretty nice. If I had a D35 I'd probably get one since its bolt on and CHEAP. However, I have a D44 and they don't make one for it yet.


But I don't see why it wouldn't work just fine. There's no way it can rotate since it slides into the bottom of the old perches. And you reuse the spring plates so you don't need to add a shock mount. Looks good to me.

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i found a used RE kit, i think its a 4.5 or 5 inch kit...not sure which


i was thinking about picking that up but he refuses to give me a price on it, and keeps saying to make an offer. he's about to get 50 bucks for an offer....i don't understand ppl sometimes

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all you need for the lift (depending on how hight you go) is



lower control arms

rear leafs or do a SOA

maybe longer brakes lines


then you can add later (or anything over 4'')

new track bar

upper control arms

drop pitman arm


the lift on my Xj is all pieced together. with 3'' coils, 2'' spacers, rough country lca's, jks tracbar, shakles 1'', 1'' blocks, and 4'' rought country leafs. the jeep rides really smooth and it was all pretty cheap.


but a kit is nice because everything is designed to work together and ride decent.

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