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not realy mj related but

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my bro got hit a couple of weeks ago in his 89s10 blazer and mested up the rear bumper and the passenger rear quarter panel. so fer xmas i built him a bumper a and pulled the dents ,tacked the bumper on then removed and finshed welded. also tacked a few holes in the body and etc.. all said and done (looked great by the way) went to start it and NO GO , i fried the computer ,now iv been weldn fer bout 12 years on every thing and never had this happn iv heard of it but it was always from some one that heard frm some one etc.. any yal ever experenced this

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AHA just got off the phone with the oldman n he said it was 2 wires under the drivers seat that had rubbed together and shorted (1 was the fuel pump other was to something important ?)thats what let the smoke outa the computer.So I'm not the one to blame , thats very odd but o well

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