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Try to rebuild or buy remaned

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Well guys, I have a 92 eliminator with a 4.0 that has a junk engine. (somthing is wrong with the Cylinder closest to firewall) for piece of mind I was thinking about rebuilding the motor.) The Master kit from Napa is $759 however, I can buy a remanned with a 70k warranty 4.0 engine for $1400 shipped.


What have you guys done and what do you reccomend?

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I would say find you a good running motor for a few hundred and swap that in. I didnt catch where you were at, but I am getting ready to pull Pong's motor, and it can be had cheap, as well as the other 4.0 I have sitting on the engine stand in the corner.



Rebuildint the motor might cost more then you think. Machine work is going to run a couple hundred easy. Last time I had a block bored it was 14 bucks per cylinder, had the heads dipped shaved and magnafluxed 75 bucks a piece. Then also had the block cleaned as well. I installed my own freeze plugs as well as cam bearings (requires special tool) but I had to have them install my rods to pistons at 5 bucks a piece. I think I left the machine shop aboiut 500 bucks lighter. This as back in 97, so I don't imagine it has gotten any cheaper

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I will put in my two cents. My dad has a good friend that rebuilds engines for a living so here is the scoop. Most low cost short blocks are pretty decent pieces and are warranteed decently where they cut corners is in the cylinder heads they will tighten a worn valve guides intsead of replacing guides and use good seals but these will wear within several 10k to 20k and begin smoking.


Moral short blocks are good but check all torque settings before installing and have a trusted machine shop do a proper valve job on the cylinder head.


Thats the info straight from someone who makes his living rebuiling engines.

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