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Check your local Microfilm!


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Well, I just got back from a trip to the local library... Had some time to kill before my tax appointment, so I wandered over to the archives and started flipping through old year books. I found all the normal relatives, then I walked past the stack of Microfilm from the local paper... It then dawned on me to look up the day I was born, Aug 3rd, 1986.


I got the roll out, fed it in, and started searching... I came up empty for my exact date, but on August 1st's paper, I found a few exciting entries.


Looks like they had a Rodeo, and a professional driver hopped into an MJ to run the barrels with it. Must have been exciting. It was part of a 4 on the Floor competition, sponsored by the local Jeep/Renault dealer. You can barely make out the bed in the lower pic, and I believe the upper pic shows the back half of the MJ.




I also found this little article. It was in the wheels section, and kinda neat.




Makes me want to go back and start flipping through papers over the years to see what I might have missed in MJ news. I was really hoping to find some Jeep dealer ad's with the Comanche in the forefront. I'll have to head back there when I have time to kill someday.


Rob L. :cheers:

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