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I'm working on converting the MJ over from Auto to Manual. In addition, I've had to replace the steering column.


Once I got the steering column moved, I connected the wiring back to it.

I have some stuff still not connected. Pay particular attention to the stuff I circled.

I know the big white button thing is the switch for the auto/brake start circuit. Can I just cut that out and connect the wires together?

Pay no attention to the red/green blob of wires. That is aftermarket stuff that I've got to redo.

Anyone have some wiring diagrams or pictures they want to share?


Any Ideas what this stuff is for?


Thanks in advance.

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One day out of curiosity I took one of the unused plugs from under the dash and stuck it out the window facing forward. I picked up 8mph on the top end and gained 3mpg on mileage. I figure it was the wind pressure pushing electrons thru the wire faster.

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Far left is for headlight delay/sentinel module...when you turn headlights off this module keeps them on for 30 seconds (or so) Smaller plug in the center is for crusie control servo underhood.


Both of Gjeep's comments are correct, and the white plunger device installs in the brake pedal housing (there is a hole for it. It is a vaccum switch that shuts off the cruise control when you press on the brake. There should be a black hose (approx) 1/4" in diameter) somewhere under the dash that plugs into it on the left of the plunger.

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