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the "SLICK RICK" project

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na the beds not at an angle it just looks like that in the picture :dunno:

Can I just say we kicked @$$ on striping this thing down today???? jamminz.gif

And You have to hate thoes things that previous owners do.....

I realy need to get slick ricks number so i can give him a good ole :thwak:

It was kind of crazy how bad the fuse box had become after all of the brake fluid had leaked all over it.

We should be making some prity good progress on it but were limited to the weekends working on this one....




So did you get any thing cool at the junk yard after leaving my house?

Just a little insite the Robert for got to mention is that its geting a full ho conversion and the 99 front end and doors. I have yet to see the cherokee thats geting parted for this one but were going wheeling tomorow so we shal see,

O Robert, Tell slickest rick torefrain from doing any " custom wiring on the XJ before we strip it down :shake:

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Lol good one Tim, looked at an 86 with the bucket seats thinking about leaving the interior the tan color which the donar vehicle already has we shall c. Good filling in the blanks on the project man. Oh and here's a jeep parts site for trim and other goodies, you might not like the prices tho lol https://www.jeeppartsdept.com/jeep-comanche-parts.html

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Ok so here are some more pics for you guys, so far the donar xj has been stripped down to a bare rolling chassy. The new engine is gnna have a set of dynomax headers, 99 zj intake, all new gaskets, new clutch, sensors, and if all goes well paint job. Ill keep you guys posted as best i can with the pics.

Donar xj



new tranny

new guts

engine comanche.gif

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well guys were almost there, had to cut out the existing door latches since I'm upgrading to 99 xj doors here's the before pic marked where i had to cut

after i cut out the old latch

newly welded latch

fished product with the help of my buddies welding skills

99 xj limited doors on 88 mj not bad if i must say so myself ha ha

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Hey a$$ hole.... Trucks looking good.... jamminz.gif


Now If we could source a front bearing retaner for your ax 15 external slave swap we would be great :headpop:

Check this out.... this is what it looks like this is the cheepest i could find it, I'm hoping that hank over at the jeep barn has one on that junk ax 15 that he has..... call me when you get this....


http://www.4wd.com/Front-Bearing-Retain ... CRO4636382




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here's the progress so far

ready for spray in bedliner

it came out pretty good and for about a quarter of the price i would have been charged by a shop

picked up my ford rear axel




the day off paint my buddy tim was nice enough to let me swap him for a cleaner tailgate thanks tim jamminz.gif

ready for paint

tailgate time

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It has been a long project. When i first met robert he asked if i could help him put a motor in his comanche, I refered him to this site and said sure. when he drug the truck and the motor to my house, First the truck looked like it had just came from the junk yars and a second after pulling the valve cover on the WJ 4.0 he brought it had 3" of sluge on every thing. I called him and told him either scrap the idea or buy a good running donor... With the limited mechanical skills at the time that he met me, I have to say i am amazed that he made the right decision, and dident sell me the truck, and bought a bad @$$ donor. Robert could almost do the swap him self now ant the truck speaks for its self. It is in no way finished but it is getting there little by little... and best of all he is driving it agian...

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