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Opinions needed Front Trailer Hitch or Winch bumper?

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Hello Folks,

Since the departure of my 1998 Wrangler with its Warn M8000 winch I have been pining for a winch for my MJ. There are two choices that I am considering:


Going with a front trailer hitch




Or a Winch bumper like the detours backbone




Both solutions are close to cost neutral after you add all the accessories to the front trailer hitch. My family has alot of property and I used my old Warn to pull heavy trees and debris, abandoned engines and other heavy objects. I also light four wheel (I do not rock crawl with my Comanche or otherwise beat it up) my truck and have been hesitant to take it on trails I think I might get stuck on. At 50 years of age my aching back is reminding me of the days when I let the winch do some of my monthly chores for me. The last straw was trying to drag an old Ford truck motor up a ravine and get it into my bed to take to the steel mill :ack: . Your opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm doing the reciever/hitch mount on the front of mine,I like the idea of being able to use the winch front or rear.

Thanks fellas- Considering what I use my truck for having the winch location flexible is a major consideration very little modification, major flexibility are all positives. The only downside I could find is lifting the 100# winch to connect it to the reciever, and losing the front skidplate, but other than that all good qualities. If I were to go the front hitch route does anyone have any suggestions as to the best one? I like the hidden hitch, but it doesn't have any tow rings like the draw tite. image_209027.gif

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If you go with the front hitch I'd recommend the Draw-Tite over the Hidden Hitch one. The Draw-Tite sits much higher up. It would require trimming of the air-dam though if you still have one.


Here is another option that quite a bit cheaper than the Detour's setup. You can run your factory bumper with it as well.



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