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Auto fuel.......$3 per gal

Aviation Fuel..$4 per gal

Bale of hay....$6

1988 MJ. 2.5, 5speed, 23 MPG=13 cents a mile

1944 Stearman, 300HP P&W, 8 gal per hour, 12 miles om 1 gal =30 cents per mile

1998 Appaloosa, mare, 4 legged, 20 miles per day, 1 bale of hay, 5 days or 100 miles=6 cents per mile. No emissions standards.

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Not sure if I proved anything here or not, except maybe I've got to much time on my hands.

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Hahaha I've seriously considered a scooter, 60-80 mpgs and for NY all you need to drive it is a drivers license and insurance which would be around 160 a year for me! I have horses too but for getting around in these parts you need a vea-hickle!

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Went to party one night. Took the horse so I wouldn't have to drive. On the way home got stopped by the fuzz. I got cited for giving alcohol to a minor, the horse was under 18, and the horse got cited for drunken driving. Sometimes you just can't win.

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