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Rear Springs-Stock vs. Metric Ton

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I kept looking for the answer i was looking for, but found nothing definite that really answered my question.


Currently i have a set of stock, 4x4, non metric ton springs that are pretty rusty, not sure how rusty at the moment, but look kinda ugly. I'm looking at buying a set of stock springs from someone else on here to use in my SOA lift.


I was wondering if a Bastard pack made from the set that i can buy plus my set, should they turn out ok. Give me the weight carrying ability of a new bumper, spare tire, gear, etc. as a set of metric tons would?


I'm guessing the amount of lift gained from an SOA with the B-Pack would net about the same amount of lift as a MT pack?


Thanks for the help guys!

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Depends on the condition of the MT springs you use. I used a new set of 3+2 MT springs, and got a full 3" of lift keeping them @ SUA, and my original 4-leaf standard springs were in good shape. They eventually settled down about 1/2 inch and have stayed there. Used MT springs will be less lift and will vary on the condition of the leaf packs. Predicting exactly how much lift you'll get with used springs no matter what the configuration is basically an educated guess and you won't know until you try.

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