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leveling a lift

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i just installed a 4.5in lift with new leaf springs and new coils, and my rearend sits 3 to 3.5 in high if you measure from the top of the tire to the bottom of the fender flare, you also get similar results measuring from level ground to the rocker pannels, the manufacturer says they will settle in the rear in 350 miles , is this an accurat statement or BS? also is there an easy way to either raise the front or lower the back? my installer put the 2 inch pucks on that i had from another build and took them back off becuase of the binding issues. its a lift that is leafs under axle.



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the rear is high not that i mind it beeing high i just hate a truck that dosent sit level. the kit was bought as a complete 4.5 inch kit the dealer assured me that these kits on a comanche sit level, i really don't care if the front is raised or the rear lowered .,or the front raised a 1 in and the rear lowered 1 in.

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