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Sold my 2000 XJ yesterday. Picked up a replacement for a mire $640 dollars.

Rusty as hell. Stove pipe material floors...


91 2wd LWB, 4.0 H.O., column shift AW4. 177k. Minnesota rig its whole life. Got all service records from the day it was driven off the dealer lot. Pretty neat to too look through. Has decent rear bumper, RECIEVER HITCH :yes:, cruise control works, window washer works, interior lights are there but don't work. Needs brakes BAD, and its leaking fuel from the top of the tank somewhere...Plans are to fix it to make it safe to drive, and drive it!

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Looks like a good start! Being from Iowa, I know all about the rust, but it can usually be fixxed just fine. Have fun, and keep it cheap!

:roll: This is number 4. I have 2 RUST FREE Mjs also. Bought this one to drive back and forth to work for the rest of the winter, after that the possiblities are endless :banana:


Got a 87, 88, 89, and 91. Goal is to get a 86 4 cylinder, a 90, and a 92.. Hopefully I can find another one this year....I don't care as long as its in driveable condition!


Yes I'm also a fan of the wheels even tho they are not MJ specific. Got the stockers with POS tires too!

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