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chugging along after turned off (and a couple other issues)

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Any ideas?

86' Manche with 66k. 2.8L


Obviously each one is probably impossible to diagnose over a forum, but together maybe you can see a pattern i am not experienced with.


1. Car has been idling roughly lately... like for last 1000mi (yeah i know tsk tsk). When driving its great, just not when idling. [most tune-up type items have been replaced in last 5k miles]


2. last few hundred miles my oil pressure gauge has been wacky. ill be driving along, minding my own business, and look down and see the guage pegged to the right... after i slow down, or sometimes on its own, it will just swiftly shoot back to the normal center...


3. Last couple days, (and getting worse)... whenever i shut it off after driving it for a while, it tries to run for a second or two, tonight it ran for a good 3 seconds after turning key off. [ best i could find from google is "dieseling"


ideas? thoughts?



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Ok, finally installed the carb that Tbrand graciously donated. It took me forever to find the time, and then even more time to get a gasket in. (which turned out to be wrong anyways) and a lot of elbow grease today.



New carb seems to help the car run smoother. Not sure how to quantify, just smoother.\

Shifts better... How this has anything to do with the carb is beyond me



Needs to be tuned, pulls wayyy too hard.


STILL Chugs along after being turned off. So, it may not be the carburetor after all


any more ideas?

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A hot spot in one of the cylinders. A piece of carbon is glowing red hot and acting like a glow plug in a diesel engine. Try one of the carbon removers on the market, or remove the head and clean off all carbon from the head chamber and top of piston. Also at the same time you turn the key off tromp on the gas pedal. The sudden intake of air will kill it.

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My 86 with the carbed 2.8 did the same thing when I ran anything less than mid or premium grade fuel in it , now that I have the 3.4 swapped it will still do it if I run the cheap stuff . The truck sits more than it gets driven so I always put premium in it . Try running some premium fuel with some octane booster to clear it out . Make sure the timing is set right and that the 4 pin conector off the dizzy is disconnected wile checking / adjusting . The carbed 2.8 does infact have a computer

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Sigh, i'm learning, so don't beat me up too bad.


I couldn't figure out why it was surging so bad, and coughing when i turned it off.


and your suggestions were great.


So i buried my nose back in the Chilton.


Looked at the Carb


Looked at the Chilton.


Looked at the carb.




somewhere along the line, my throttle return spring must have broken.


Never noticed it was gone.


$6.82 later. 10 seconds of install time. life is good. In fact, better than before. Way better power delivery. Idles wonderfully, and now that the throttle plate closes. No cough. Woo!


Ridiculous. the little things.

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