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fuel tank question

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ok i drove the comanche to Florida for christmas.about every 120 miles the gauge would get down below quarter tank. id pull in and get fuel but never held more than 11 gallons.in looking around it shows they came with 23.5 gallon tanks? has anyone else experienced this before?i'm wondering of my gauge is bad or maybe someone put a small tank in it? I'm gonna grab a 5 gallon fuel can and drive around until i run out and see how long it goes after it gets to empty.

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I'm in the process of a tank swap for my 89 Pioneer short box. 18 gallon tank from RockAuto (JP5B) is a direct replacement and existing setup has 2 straps with the skid plates attached to bottom. :wrench:


Maybe I should start a new thread, but the reason for the swap was extreme rust inside and out from sitting. In the process the sending unit was damaged while trying to clean it. I was able to get another off a recent parts truck purchase but I was sure I found a complete NEW pump/hanger/sending unit that will work and advertised as a replacement for the Comanche (not Cherokee). I think it was manufactured by Airtex, but can't find it anywhere online now. Has anyone seen this/bought one? Thanks.

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