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My friend is putting a 4.6 with AW4 in his 86. The I-6 conversion is already done but with Renix cooling.


Now he wants to go with HO cooling. The problem is the tranny cooler lines, on the Renix the lines


came in on the left side of the radiator. On the HO radiator we ordered the lines came in on the right side.


Wrong year HO radiator? Are we going to have to run the lines from the left to the right side?


What year we need if? possible link?



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We thought about that,but since his son is doing an HO AX-15 conversion on his MJ, the son will use the radiator that we ordered


already and his dad wants one with the lines on the left side. Far as time goes, the old man is retired, the 86 is his money pit and


he wants the lines to go in on the left side. All else fails, we'll splice the lines.

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There are tranny cooler lines on an AX-15????????????


Really, the AW4 doesn't care if the lines come in from the right or the left. As a matter of fact theAW4 lines are on the passenger side and they cross over to the left side under the oil pan to accomodate the radiator "heat exchanger". In quotes because there is no "cooler" in the radiator.


Put an aftermarket cooler in line...doesn't matter which side...if you truly want to COOL the tranny.

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I'll be nice, please reread the thread carefully.


The old guy don't care if it is a "heat exchanger" or a "whatchamacallit."


He has one of the nicest looking/built MJs that I've seen (in person).


He don't want spliced lines or aftermarket "coolers", he just want's what works and looks


like it came from the factory.


Now can anybody provide a source for a decent 2 or 3 row HO style radiator with the cooler


lines on the left side? Used would be OK also.

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I ran new lines on my 94XJ and put a new radiator in it. The tranny lines entered on the left (drivers) side. I got it from radiator barn.


They have 2 and 3 row. I got the 2 row all metal for around $130 shipped. I'm 99% sure they are on the left, I would call to make sure; they are very helpful with very good customer service and fast shipping.

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left side tranny lines. or inlet on the drivers side are on the rad from 97 and newer.


That's correct. It also applies to 91-95 HO radiators. The 91-01 XJ(91-92 MJ) radiators are the same. The coolant lines run forward on the right side of the AW4 tranny, then cross over forward of the oil pan. That crossover point is where the factory tranny coolers are installed in series with the return line.

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