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Dana 35 to Dana 44 Swap

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:wrench: I blew my Dana 35 apart on the ice this week.I was shocked when I started priceing parts so off to the yard I went. I was able to score a Dana 44 out of a 2wd Comanche for 60.00.The switch went well right up till I went to put the DRIVE SHAFT in about 1/2 to 3/4 inch to long.I went back to the yard the shaft in the Mj was 10" to long and the Xj are 10" to short. Any ideas? comanche.gif

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If you are not afraid of an extra inch of wheelbase,

you could just move the rear axle backwards an inch, or so.


Drill the spring perch 1" forward of the center hole,

drill a matching hole in the U-bolt plate for the back of the center pin to poke through,

and bolt the axle in 1" rearward.



When I shortened a driveshaft for my first 2wd to 4wd swap, I was short about an inch (I guestimated, before the T-case swap).


So I moved the D35 forward an inch from stock, so it would work.


A year later I swapped in a D60 (much longer pinion length),

and moved the 60 1" back from stock, so the same drive shaft worked with both the D35 & a D60.

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