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T-case is grinding?

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hows it goin guys?

I have an 86 mj, with the 2.8l v6 and a 3 speed auto. The T-case worked perfect when I put the truck away last spring, but I went to put it in 4 low the other day (while in nuetral), and she just started grinding. What could cause this......I'm not too familiar with transfer cases though I assume theyre pretty straight foward.



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My dad had a T-case in his TJ that had no fluid. This made the chain loose and eventually it ground a hold through the case. Hopefully this doesnt happen to you. He had bought the TJ from a repo yard that pulled it out of a river. Evidently when they changed the fluids in the Jeep they forgot to refill the T-case and it had drove countless miles since then. After a new chain and some Tig welding we were back on the road.

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You would think that everything would be stopped when in neutral. But as someone who has had countless number of vehicles on a lift running in neutral, there is enough viscosity in tranny fluid to get things spinning as long as there isn't any real resistance. If you hesitated in the neutral position of the t-case while shifting it may have been enough to let things start moving in the drive train. A little noise while shifting in to 4 low is not really a big deal.

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