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Well Not on here much, but figured I would post up.


As seen when truggy work was done






Well after a trip to Paragon where I broke a bunch of parts I started buying crap.. then life happened.. and kept happening.



Fast forward a few yrs and here we go. Thanks to some trading... I know have just about everything I need plus some help thrown in.


PLan is 4.3TBI/700r4/231/d300, D60,14 FF. On 39.5 iroks on DIY bead locks. 3link with 2.5 airshocks, rear will be 4 link with 2.0 air shocks :yes: :agree:


Also plan on changing the rear cage a lot, to shorten it up and make it more stable. Pics wil follow as work progresses.


At the same time I am building my Chop top XJ :nuts: It is going full width and to 36's jamminz.gif So work is happening fast and furious. Big dogs is only a month and a lil away

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Well after a trip to Paragon where I broke a bunch of parts I started buying crap.. then life happened.. and kept happening.


Must have been a while ago. Paragon closed, what, four years ago?



Thats about how long ago it was :doh: But like I said life got in the way, and Pong took a back bumper while I wheeled my xj and collected parts.


Picked these up today




Then had major setbacks on my other project..like the yoke I ordered was made wrong so.. getting my rear axle setup is now on hold till I figure that out... So looks like I will swap in a 2wd beam to get Pong to the shop where the 4.3/700r4 will be installed at comanche.gif


Here is a pic of the Turd in my temp garage





Mounting my 36's on 32 Bead locks





Some of the parts for the turd build


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Work is happening


First order was to get it mobile again. Thanks to a spare 2wd beam, and some trailer tires she was mobile again




Cause we are changing the cage work front and rear.. work has started






Well that is all... plan is to shorten the front by 1' and re do al the tubes behind the cab. It will be too hard to make the tubes look cool and work right with links.. so it all has to change :doh:

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Wrenching at my Buddy Woody's shop. ABout 10 min up the road from me. Much bigger shop.


I forgot to mention... the frame is going to change a lot... It is going to mostly be 13/4x.120.. and 1/4 plate. No need to sacrafice ride height, packaging so I can have a bad design. Less is more in my case

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Got some more work done on Sunday. :wrench: It all involved 3 of my favorite tools. Plasma, sawzall, and Hammer :nuts:


Inner fenders gone




Well if you thought I was going to stop there :banana:




Then to top it all off I rough notched the fenders so I could dovetail the nose a lil :yes:





Today I will be checking on DOM prices and cleaning up the frame and d300.. nothing really special. Aslo wil be installing an ARB in my D44 so the Turd project can keep going

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Picked up 180' of tube the other day :yes: jamminz.gif


Well today sold Pongs old motor




Then work started.




First had to bolt the doubler, and drivetrain together








Then with a bunch of pushing shoving I got the motor in position.. but jack stands are 2 short so I have to cut and add some stuff to the bottom.. but this is close








I still plan on raising the whole setup another 2", but this gives you an idea of what the inside looks like





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A lil more work happened yesterday..




Woody tacking tubes together








Side view... talk about a PITA to get the angles the way we wanted them.






Front view..








Tody will plate Make some motor Mounts, and start tieing new frame into old frame By plating it.




The motor is a true PITA to get out.. There is only 1/2 between the winch x-member bar and the front Pulley on the motor... Luckily nothing in the way anywhere else.

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