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well maybe ill get lucky and find a 4x4 tranny out in the "yard" but for now i could either get a BA10/5 for $150.. or wait to see if this ax15 doesnt get too expensive $150 is about my max... iam tryin to pay bills haha


i think ill just pick up that $150 BA10... and keep my eye out for a good deal on a ax15 and t-case then when i get the stuff ill upgrade.. but for now my tranny is dying haha

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231s came behind any engine/tranny from 1987+

from 87-90 they were 21 spline input

form 91+ they are 23 spline


(same spline counts go for the 242 case as well.)


for an AX15 you will need a 91+ case. i think after (94?) they were electric speedometer, not sure if that matters or not


BA10s are 21spline

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