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2.5l vacuum lines

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okay, here's what i need to know. I'm not a mechanic so it may be obvious to some of you

theres two lines coming from the intake right above the carb. one of them leads to the bottom of the air box but I'm not sure which one. the other, i have no idea where it leads to

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One line goes to the base of the throttle body ( valve cover side ) next to the CCV line (from the valve cover ) . The other connects to intake manifold (rear-ward ) at a t-junction that also has a line going to the MAP sensor on the firewall . These two are a common cause of high idle / vacuum leaks . comanche.gif

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i have a feeling I'm gonna have to replace and rerun all the vacuum lines lol. my girlfriends dad was just crazy and i think he kinda winged it everytime a line got old. so many don't even fit right. and they don't match the diagrams either haha...they kinda run laps around the whole engine bay in some cases

where is the line from the very bottom of the airbox supposed to lead to? mine goes up the fender, along the firewall, up next to the valve cover, and ends right there between the carb and valve cover :hmm:

..and my line from the MAP sensor goes to the throttle body with no t junction...is it supposed to? (minus the no t junction part)

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