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Got my first MJ

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Got my first MJ. My little brother has been into XJ's for a while so I have learned alot from him, and decided to build a jeep because of that.

Had some wiring issues, in which the fuse box was the culprit. The radio was ripped out along with the speakers, the interior lights behind the seats don't work. The turn signal was broken, so I replaced it with a used one that came with the truck (which had a different problem). And probably last the door hinge was "fixed" at one point, but it was not done right so the door is not aligned right.

The a/c lines have been cut, the truck is a 2wd longbed with the peugeot tranny.


My brother and I are planning on doing the 4wd conversion this summer once I restore the truck somewhat.


I have half my drivers floor cut out (in the process of replacing it). Whats the best way to remove the top part of the frame rails?

I'm using replacement floor panels. The rust goes almost to the fuse box so they won't cover it all the way.

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I'll add some soon, and keep everyone updated on the progress. Right now I'm planning on using a air chisel to break the welds. I used a hammer and screw driver to break the welds along the rocker for the whole floor panel.


If this should be moved to a different forum let me know

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what do you mean by removing the top part of the frame?


Look into getting a 96+ AX-15 with the t-case still attached. You'll have some of the best stuff ever put into a Jeep (external slave on the t-case and a sealed rear output on the t-case). :thumbsup:

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I used a spot weld remover to take the two upper frame rail pieces off. I think I used 6 of them. It is tough and slow going.


I had initially bought a spot weld driller set from another store. Was the biggest wast of $30 ever. Just pick some of these up:

http://www.harborfreight.com/3-8-eighth ... 95343.html


Find the spot weld. Drill a pilot hole in the center and finish with the spot weld tool. You will need to cut the front and rear of the top frame rail pieces as the front is welded down and the rear is sandwiched between a few layers of sheet metal.



Don't forget to remove the two side supports first.

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