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Getting the right speed

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Hey so now that I have my new front and rear axles almost in with a new gear ratio, what do I need to do to get my speedo to show the right speed? Also what will I need to do when I get 33" tires for it to show the righr speed? Thanks


specs: I have a, 4.0 I6, 1989, auto, old gear ratio 3:55, new will be 4:10, tire size as of now 31" ( with the speedo being off by 5mp...ish)




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I would just recommend learning how much your speedometer is off and live it it until you get the 33's. My Rubi's speedo is 12% fast, when I set cruise at 80 it is actually going just a shade over 70.


With 4.10s and 33's my Rubi's speedo was right on the money :yes:

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