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Just thinking down the road, but just wondering which is best. Mount the winch in a winch bumper or make portable :eek: I like the portable side as the weight is not always out front and the winch is not out in the weather / water when not in use. Also could switch from the son's MJ to my Ranger :brows: But then in a bumper mount you always have it ready and I am sure the mount system is stronger 8)




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I'm having the same dilema, have a winch sitting in my living room screaming to be mounted one way or the other. Talkd with techs at an off-road shop,they seem to favor the idea of bumpers with recievers and and use of a good winch cradle. For the same reasons as you stated and being able to switch to rear also when wired up with quik-disco's. I'm leaning this way since i too have both a mj and xj that are used alternately. I think the key here is well built reciever bumpers along with the same in a cradle. Warn apparently makes a good one of the latter. :chillin:

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No such problem here. I can't yet justify the expense of a winch. :(

But I built my bumpers specifically to allow me to pull forwards or backwards. Almost every time I or those with me have been stuck, backwards has been the best (or only) alternative for extraction.


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