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Keweenaw Peninsula

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In the northern most part of Michigan lies the Keweenaw Peninsula, God's Country. I attend Michigan Tech University in Houghton, just south of the Keweenaw and live in Hancock just across Portage Lake (Canal) which separates the Keweenaw from mainland.


The Keweenaw is rich in Copper. This area used to thrive on the stuff but now there is no mining due to the Copper being uneconomical to mine anymore. Back before the Copper had stopped being mined and it was becoming harder for the mining companies to extract the Copper they looked for other sources of recaliming Copper from tailings left behind. One of these ways was to crush the rock already extracted from underground and melt the Copper out from the crushed material. The leftover material is known as Stampsand.


One of the larger operations of this type happened in ghey, Mi (I know the name is a little homo, but no one could foresee the meaning it would eventually get when the town was formed way back when). The stampsand mining operations here were so vast that they created a stampsand beach on Lake Superior from the crushed material. The beach is roughly 1/4 mile wide by 1/2 mile long ( these are my guesses, I didn't measure)


If anyone here has been to Silver Lake, it resembles it extremely. The only difference is that it is a lot colder here and there is no "dune" as large as "Test" to climb. Also there is no sand, stamp"sand" is finely crushed rock instead. My G/F and I took a trip there yesterday and had a blast. Each time I have been there I was the only one or we were the only group there.


You can cruise around on "ghey Beach" for a bit and then go check out the ruins of the mine. Its a great place for bonfires and cookouts.


Here are some pics, Enjoy:






Here is a good shot at just how much of this stuff is still here and hasn't been washed away.


I took this pic just after I drove along the shoreline between a "pond" and the lake, not 10 sec after I drove across the stampsand "Bridge" I went back to look at how far down I sunk in it and found this: The lake had already lapped up and covered my tracks, I wondered why it was so soft driving over this spot :hmm:


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Chapter 2: Well, when a Friday afternoon wheeling trip wasn't enough for the weekend, I ended up going all the way to the tip of the Peninsula to hit some fresh powder with some friends on Sunday. We spent the whole day tooling around on State and Private land and put a total of 70 trail miles on the Jeep.


This weekend we were blessed with about 7-8 inches of fresh powder at the far north end of the Peninsula and it made for a great day wheeling. My roomate rode along and I went with a couple other guys and their Durago. Needless to say, his old fat lady couldn't make it up the hill.


My T-case popped out of 4 wheel half way up it so I eventually had to stop and put it back in. I tried to take off 2nd then and didn't have the momentum anymore... It is amazing to me just what a little downshift from 2nd to 1st will do for ya.








We've all been here. It was my only stuck of the day and it would have never happened if it wouldn't have been for the snow.


This branch decided it would like to wedge itself under the frontend while I was backing down a hill. Thankfully nothing got hurt but it was all the way up to the sway bar on the drivers side... glad I had my saw!

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another 75 degree day I I enev am sweating working on the MJ it is way to hot for a week til christmas. I want to move up a couple states north. :headpop:




i'll trade ya..lol i hate the cold and wind here! i don't mind snow but it never snows enuf here to have any fun.. :cry:

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I always drive by ghey but never go there :D Went up to the tip out on high rock road (something like that anyway) in early Dec (or was it late nov?) anyway its nice up there. I'm down in Iron Mountain... You ever check out the UPJeeping site? http://upjeeping.informe.com


Anyway, if I could find the pics of that trip I'd post them for people to see what it looks like with no snow...

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