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Gosh dang LCAs still WILL NOT GO IN

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This can be tricky and a ROYAL PIA!!!


One thing I have found thats a godsend is a beefy 2" ratchet strap. I attach it to ANYTHING form the rear axle, another Jeep to the garage floor lip and wall to get the right angle to pull the axle into position. My Hilift has also worked, although not as well....


Also, be careful about unscrewing bolts completely. There can be ALOT of force on the CA's. Enough to flatten out the threads on the bolt ruining it!!


I am not the best one to give advice on patience as I have NONE for this kind of stuff. BUT, :) :oops: walking away and having a beer or a smoke can calm you down enough to see something you may miss with anger.


A long tapered prybar is also helpful as others suggested.


Go get yourself a ratchet strap and you'll get it!!

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