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'89 MJ parts truck or rebuild project near Terre Haute, IN


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Local guy who was interested in this is dragging his feet so I'll go ahead and list it here. This truck was hit on the day before Thanksgiving. Pictures of the damage can be seen in the thread: http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=26894. I'll post more pictures of the truck later. It's rust-free '89 short bed, 4x4, 4.0, 5-speed, Dana 35 rear, Dana 30 front with bucket seats and AC.


The wreck damaged the following:


right front fender

front bumper

right front wheel

right door

right rocker panel

right front turn signal and trim

right inner fender

front axle

tie rod

right upper and lower control arms


The dash is buckled slightly along the bottom edge from damage in the firewall area. I think the firewall damage is isolated to outboard of the kick panel.


Prior to the wreck, the following issued needed addressed:


leaky rear main seal

slow leak on the clutch slave cylinder

transfer case needs replaced

rear bumper mounts need modified

dent in top rear of cab from a falling branch


Prior to the wreck, the truck handled great, rode great, was always dependable, and averaged about 19 mpg on my daily commute. It has about 165K miles and I was planning on driving it at least another 100K. The truck originally came from CA and is completely rust free.


I think it's a good solid candidate for rebuild, but I don't have time for another project. Included with the truck are a complete console, replacement fan shroud, and whatever other spare parts I have for it.


I'm keeping the tires and the Optima battery. Probably have another battery to put in it. Asking $450 obo.


If you don't need the seats, I'd keep them and knock some off the price. My daughter wants them for her Samurai. The bases would stay with the truck.




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wait, it didn't sell in december? i would have bought it if i knew that! oh well, happy :wrench: -ing and then comanche.gif -ing


I bought it back in December. He happens to be a friend of mine- didn't put two and two together until last year. :clapping:

Just finally getting away to go pick it up and having enough nerves to tell the wife that I bought it.

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