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Canadain Manche on tons


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I originally started to post this on my local forum, but I remembered the great minds and how much time I spend reading over here...

www.jeepkings.ca/forums/showthread.php? ... he-on-tons -- original thread


I'll post the major cliff notes and what pictures I have access to right now

Comanche 90’s 4.0l

Wheeled the snot out of it for a few years stock on 31” Baja Claws

Motor was knocking so I parked it almost 2 years ago and got a new truck

Collected and “seasoned” most parts over the years and figured it’s finally time to actually do something.



4.7l stroker

Fuel -- Propane

Pistons -- IC945 .040 over

Crank -- 12cw

Cam -- COMP 68-232-4

Lifters -- COMP

Rods -- 4.0L

Oil Pump -- Hi vol melling

Lifters – stock

Push Rods -- ???

Head Gasket -- ??? 0.043

Timing Chain – Comp COC3127


Cubic Inches: 281.33

Liters: 4.61

Static Compression Ratio: 10.89:1

Dynamic Compression Ratio: 9.32:1

Quench: .043

Intake Valve Closing Angle: 55



np231 / d300 doubler

D60 front

14b rear

Brace / reinforce frame

Skid plates


Keeping bed / tailgate

I’ll figure out tires as I get there


leafs in rear

possibly leafs in the front or may do long arm, still reading on how best to accomplish


Started tearing apart drive lines and working on getting my own together


4.7L (stroked 4.0L)


231 / D300 doubler


After some reading it looks like the SM465 shares the same size and spline input shaft minus 1" of the stick out.

easy enough

The bell housing just needs to be marked and drilled BUT I need one from a 1980 - 1986 CJ and the throwout arm.

Dang, Off to search

I do think Its pretty sweet that I get to go back to cable clutch though... I do miss it over hydraulic. I did see the conversion kits, from full hydraulic throwout bearings to hydraulic slave retro fits, If anyone has any input on this please let me know.

There is also the bearing retainer to be modified, but I can ask around to see who has a machine shop I can borrow.


and now, PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!!!

..... or not.....

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Did you say that you miss cable clutches???? REALLY??? In my experience I can't say that cable clutches are more reliable than hydraulic. Ive had too many cables break to make a call like that, but as I think about it, if youre on the trail, and it breaks, might be easier to repair one of those than a hydraulic fault. I guess if thats what youre going for, that might be better.

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That was one of the main reasons why. If It breaks I can use a set of vice grips and washers to get me going...


:Canadaflag: There are 2 official ways to spell the name of our country ,,,,English : Canada / Canadian,,,,,French : Canada / Canadien :fool:


yes. I deserve that one.

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