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Comanche at junkyard, Need any parts?


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I'm laid off for the winter again and happened to be at the JY this morning when I saw a decent comanche... It has tail lights, interior map/dome lights, blue dashmat, good seat belt buckles, good mirrors... Let me know if anyone is interested in these any of these items... The truck is a manual- renix 4.0l... Has a newer rear slider window, good tailgate, decent bed(long)... still has emblems too... Also there is a cherokee there with a 44 in the rear, don't know what the manche has, so excited I forgot to look..

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I'd be interested in the cargo light and switch if it has it.


Rob L.


Sorry bud, no cargo light or switch... But you gave me something new to put on my "someday I'll own it" list...


I have the vin it is 1J7FJ36LXKL554798 but don't know what the registry is...


Ill try and get some pics up, they are on my phone and I just got it so I don't know how to do it yet.. Oh wait you can only link to images here.... Might take a while

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Either say where the yard is or leave the forum forever.



Where are you located Sam....


Fort Collins.


Name the junkyard and chances are that I've been there.




Martins, Andersons, Jeepsunlimited(ripoff), Western #1, Western #2, Western #3, Sidewinder(closed), Upullandpay #1, Upullandpay #2, Upullandpay #3, Upullandpay #4(new mexico), pullnsave, new junkyard colocated at upullandpay #2, new junkyard located at Upullandpay #1.


There's more, just not worth of note.


So, which one was it?

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I actually got a decent deal at Jeeps Unlimited.. I got a radiator for my 86 comanche that was used, but looked brand new for $60.. I gave them the old one that had previously made contact with the fan due to a completely failed water pump.. Not too bad.. Got some other stuff there fairly cheap... Let me think and ask the wife about what I want and tomorrow I'll let you know Sam... Just might be missing a few things....



Dude wanted 25 a piece on the tail lights, raised my eyebrow, but that's just an average deal... Right :dunno:

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What is considered reasonable? Just so I know in the future.. I hate getting ripped off


Going to get some stuff at the yard today, but someone already asked bout the dome lights.. Ill let you know


I was wondering if you got a chance to check out the dome/map lights.

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